New Poll. Cast Your Vote For The Panther's Draft Pick

The Florida Panther’s will be drafting third overall in this year’s  NHL Entry Draft that’s taking place in Los Angeles.

While I’ve indicated who I think the Panthers should take, I am by no means an expert, nor do I have any knowledge at this point who they will take.  The pick could be traded, or the Panther’s may even trade down, or god forbid find a way to trade up.  Who knows.

Go along the right side of this page and cast your vote for who you think the Panthers should draft.

Also, send me a comment or two on why you made your selection.  I’m very curious to see what you think they’ll do.

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  • slapshot1106

    From what I’ve read, Fowler seems the most talented for the 3rd slot… I’m not a fan of taking the other physical Dman, so I’d take the talented one… You can find physical dmen easier than acquiring talented ones…

    The team needs forwards, but there’s risk involved there… I say take the best player available. The team has too many holes to fill, and this is not an overnight rebuild… Unless someone’s offering a solid Top 6 fwd to swap picks, I’d lean to Fowler…

  • NY Kid

    You’re right slapshot. Fowler would be the best fit for the Cats.

    Offense starts from the back, and Fowler was a huge part of the Memorial Cup Champs offensive prowess. Taylor Hall’s praise of Fowler’s skills is enough for me. Personally as an Islander fan I’m torn between Gudbranson and Fowler. I think the Islanders have more of a need for Gudy because they already have some offensive backline talent in the prospect pipeline, but lack a big blueliners.

    I’ve heard many scouting reports that even Gormley is the best overall package blueliner just to make things more confusing.

    As far as forwards go Boston and Edmonton said they aren’t moving out of the 1-2 spot. I think Connolly is a high risk for any top 3-8 pick because a hip injury can recurr. That makes players like Johansen, Niederreiter and Burmistrov the forward jewels of the draft after the crow jewels Hall and Seguin. Ya could see some top 4-6 trades down if Florida takes Fowler.

    This draft has the ingredients for drama. If Connolly wasn’t injured I think the 1-5 spots would be set in stone. That one anomoly changes things. He’s the hot potato of the draft. Columbus might make the safe Gormely or Gudbranson pick if Florida takes Fowler. If the Cats trade to 5, I see them going for Johansen. I doubt Florida is going for Gudbranson. They didn’t invite him for a meeting as far as I know. He’s only going to NY and Columbus for meetings.

    Good Luck.

  • Frank Rekas

    Guys: Great observations. The Panthers will be stuck, if that’s the way to say that with the third pick. Taking Fowler comes down to being the popular choice as well as the best player available choice. But does it solve a need that Florida has?
    I agree building from the back out. But Florida has drafted two defencemen in a row, could a third be the right choice?

    Johansen is getting alot of praise and is moving up the charts. Yea he’s one of the younger guys, but he could be a steal.