Some Panther Players need to pack up.

Five Questions About The Panthers

Ryan Porth over at Red Light Hockey District  is doing a report on all 30 teams and approached me to do my part on the Florida Panthers by answering five questions for him.  Ryan posted the article Thursday on his site, and in the event you didn’t catch it, here  it is.

I kinda tossed a wild card out there about the draft pick, but hey, you never know!

Ryan does a great job at his site, so please make sure you check it out.  You can also follow him on Twitter @RLDhockey.

A personal note of thanks to Ryan who found me on Twitter and that’s how this came to be.  So see, Twitter can be uselful!

Thanks for reading.

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  • slapshot1106

    Good interview until you got to the Afinogenov comment… As a Sabre fan, I know him well and definitely wouldn’t put my marbles on this guy… He flashes and dashes, but doesn’t finish consistently… Also he can disappear… The Sabres weren’t even trade him at the deadline 2 yrs ago… Good for him that he may have ressurected, but I wouldn’t want him… And I don’t think the Panthers should take this kind of chance….

    I would take a chance on Ponikarovsky. I’m not saying he’s the ultimate team guy to build around, but I’d offer him $3 mill/yr and get some offense and take a chance… It is kind of confusing how some of these guys don’t produce as well as you would think playing with the Penguins, but some of that could be that ice time is limited on a star-studded roster… Either way, his numbers are solid enough to take a chance here…

    As far as Plekanec, it’s not great timing market-wise… His lack of scoring in the playoffs will cost him a bit, but I think he’s still going to want closer to $5 mill/yr. That’s too big a gamble for a team like the Panthers, so I’d look elsewhere… If you could get him much closer to $4 mill/yr, I’d do that… I’d rather have him than Horton or Weiss, but wouldn’t want to overpay too much…

  • Frank Rekas

    Slap shot: Thanks. I was quite surprised when Ryan found me on Twitter and approached me about doing this. I guess now I have three readers!

    Anyway, I know what you mean about Max. He’s has a hell of a lot of skill, but I agree he can disappear. Just a thought, but I read a day after I did this that Atlanta wants to resign him.

    As for Poni, he’s big, he’s a decent skater and I’m not sure why he didn’t click in Pittsburgh. He could be a good fit here, but again, he has disappeared too. I certainly wouldn’t spend alot for him

    Pleky really was invisible for alot of the playoffs. Not sure why that happened. If 5 mil is the price, pass.

    Cap goes up 2 mil next season. Bettman just announced