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Tallon Brings His Blueprint To Florida!

Say what you want, be a non-believer if you see fit.  But know this.  Dale Tallon has a plan, as Dave Hyde  from the Sun-Sentinel reports.  If I seem overly giddy about this, well yes I am.  I have been praying for some sort of change at the top since Uncle Jack had the position.  Nothing against Randy Sexton, but he was not the answer, and the Florida Panthers organEYEzation had to do something.  And so something now!

Tallon is confident, believes in himself and has the experience that the Panthers need.  If you didn’t get a chance to listen to today’s presser, here  it is.

He will be the Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations (thank you Mr. Siegel), and the General manager of the Florida Panthers.  He’s been given the go ahead and the budget to hire superior staff and scouts.  Goodbye Scott Luce?

This is a new chapter in the life of this team and as owner Cliff Viner said, the Panthers ownership group is acting on their promise to bring a professional and well run organization to this town.

I know what you’re all thinking too.  For most of last year I was so down on this team and so critical that all of a sudden I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and drink the kool-aid.  Look, yes I was extremely critical of how things went last year and how they’ve gone up to this point.  I had no problem sharing my opinion whether it was right or wrong with my readers.  If you look at most of what I wrote last season, I was beggin for change.  I was indicating game after game that we weren’t as good as people thought.  I predicted last year that we’d finish 12th in the conference.  We finished 14th.  Does that make me an expert?  No, not at all.  So why am I different now?

Don’t mistake my positivity for nothing else other than excitement of a new regime.  We need a starting point and this is it.  I will still be the same ornery, critical, speak my mind fan and supporter of the Panthers.  That isn’t changing just because a guy from my hometown comes in to fix things up. 

He does however have the proof that he knows what he’s doing. 

If he’s allowed to do his job, then guess what?  Take a look at the Chicago Blackhawks.  Like what you see?  It could be a sense of things to come.  It will take time and we need patience, but this time I think we will actually get to see a finished product.

Here’s more from the Sun-Sentinel’s Steve Gorten who broke the story on Monday.

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  • slapshot1106

    Looks like a very positive move for the organization, but can they stop with the desperation of offering free BBQ… There is no quick fix, but I am encouraged by the fact he mentioned “trade” multiple times so far… Let’s it hope it starts with #16 and trickles on down throughout the line-up… Nice to see the owners have given some more cash to spend, but please don’t menttion Kovalchuk…

  • Frank Rekas

    Slap shot, yep a very positive move indeed. I agree the PR stuff is nuts on the one hand. On the other, they want to make a statement to the fans they “we” are accessible.

    #16, and #9 are on my list out ofd town, but Tallon may not have the same ideas. I think he oes try to move Vokoun.

    Take a look at the Hawks roster. I would bet at least one Hawk player makes it here. Either Versteeg, Byfuglien or youngster Jack Skille possibly could be moved for the right price. That price might be a draft pick or two and we have a bunch of those.

    Just don’t go tossing Panther players at the Hawks. Send them elsewhere.

  • slapshot1106

    Your Hawks shouldn’t have to worry because I’m sure Bowman will be a bit leary to deal with Tallon, unless he’s doing him a favor by giving them salary cap relief… There aren’t many pieces on the Panthers that salary-strapped teams like the Hawks and Flyers would want, so the only way I see Tallon getting current roster players from there, or most places, will only be if they’ve decided they can’t afford to resign those guys… That’s where my hope is that they could get Sharp, but I doubt it…

    Established teams don’t overpay for draft picks, so Tallon may be able to package a player and a pick or two here and there, but I don’t even think Edmonton would want many of our guys… and vice versa, they probably don’t want any of our guys either…

    The one guy I see Tallon going after is Spezza, but I’m not totally sold there… Tallon keeps metioning he wants size up the middle, but there’s only so many guys that fit the mold…And most of them will want to be retained by their current teams… The one thing about Spezza is that Ottawa seems to be salary-strapped, so freeing up his $7 mill/yr would allow them more freedom to resign Regin, Cullen, maybe even Volchenkov….




  • Frank Rekas

    Slap Shot: While I don’t think or want this to become the Florida Blackhawks per se, nor do I want the Hawks to become the Chicago Panthers, there’s only a couple players that potentially Dale might be able to grab.
    While I would love Sharp, I’d rather he stay in Chicago.

    I think the Panthers might be able to get Versteeg, Buff or even a guys like Jack Skille. Maybe even Troy Brouwer. The Hawks have a ton of depth and a draft pick or two might do that.
    You are right and I feel the same way though, who on the Panthers could actually help as well as fit in with Chicago? They are a tight bunch and Horton, Weiss,Olesz etc. bring baggage that Chicago doesn’t need or want.

    Regarding size up the middle, we had a shot at Spezza a couple years ago, but JM’s gun misfired and we didn’t get him. I’m not 100% sold on Spezza. He has a bad habit of disappearing at crucial times. He’s got a hell of a shot when he uses it. You’re suggestion of T-Vo, Weiss and a 2nd for Leclaire and Spezza is an interesting one. It would however be a 33 year old goalie and a second line center for a young centerman for an untested goalie and a top center. For us, a good deal. Not sure if Bryan Murray falls for it. Similar to asking Philly for Carter, we aren’t necessarily dealing from strength and may need to sweeten the pot. Toss in Olesz in any deal if possible.

    Initially we may need to give up something we don’t really wnat to to get the guys we need. Although Tallon is good a finding the diamond in the rough, and his familiarity with players in the West is an asset that can bring us players that have a different makeup than what we are used to seeing.

    That is a good thing. Trust me.

  • slapshot1106

    Yes I agree, we don’t have much to offer as far as roster players that guys want, so we do have to give to get… And yes I realize you’d like to keep Sharp, but at some point the decision has to be made who you can afford to keep not only this year, but next year and beyond… Once you get done paying Kane, Toews, Hossa, Keith, Seabrook, Huet, Campbell,etc, then you have some serious decisions to make… Niemi is going to want more and probably will get somewhere close to $4mill/yr for at least 3 years… I guess it all depends how many guys are willing to go the way of the Red Wings, and settle for less to be on a CUP-contending team for a few years…Most of the grinders or older veterans like Madden probably will take less, but at some point the CAP will come into play…

    Sharp will obviously try to be retained, but if they can’t make it happen, it sounds like he and Tallon have a good relationship… Versteeg and/or Buff may be more realistic options, and either on would be a decent addition…

    As far as Olesz is concerned, I think it’s lost hope… Not only is he vastly overpaid, I don’t see him as a legitimate NHL roster guy… Sure there’s a bit of potential, so it would be a GAMBLE for sure if anyone were to bite, but a guy like that has to fit into your 2nd line eventually to make it worth it… He doesn’t play physical so 3rd and 4th line aren’t good fits… I’d seriously consider buying him out, take the $$$ hit, and fill his spot with someone else more useful… It would probably be some sort of write-off for the new owners, so I should think they should seriously consider it… I don’t even think he’d light it up in the AHL. Yes maybe he’d get to 20 goals, but that’s not everything, and eventually he wouldn’t want to handle the physical play and up in some Euro-league….

  • Frank Rekas

    As both a Hawk and Panther fan this trade talk has me torn. Obviously there’s guys on the Hawks I feel should stay and guys on the Panthers that should not go to Chicago.

    I think one thing you’ll see Tallon do is focus more on North American players. My estimation is that any Euro that comes here will have to be highly skilled and have a great deal of hockey sense and charachter.

    I am curious to see what happens in the scouting department and what changes he makes and how soon he makes them. I wouldn’t be surprised to also see a couple guys from Chicago come here. I would also bet that we get a full time goalie coach, especially if one of the younger goalies like Markstrom is with the team.