I Kept It Under Seven Goals!

Maybe he was joking, but what the F*&k? That’s what you say, and because there’s a couple chuckles it’s ok. Give me a break. He seemed way too composed for a guy that just shit the bed in a game six season ending defeat.

Here is the interview with Bobby Lose after game six Tuesday night against the Blackhawks.  He made some interesting comments about his team’s performance, though not directly naming names or coaches.  The one comment that he said that threw me besides the title of this post was “I can hold my head up high”. 

What? You gave up 16 goals at home.  You were giving up rebounds all series except for game five, and you had a complete meltdown in the second period in game six.

Also, at the end of the video, listen to Kelly Hrudey’s comments.  Interesting points.

Rookie defenceman P.K. Subban has made an extremely impressive playoff performance.  Here’s a video from CBC giving us a glimpse of the future star of the Montreal Canadiens.


Here’s a video put together by CBC on the best plays of the season.  Goals, saves, hits.  There’s a little of each.


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  • http://BroadStreetBuzz.com Eugene Markman

    He’s gotta get kileld in the media for that little comment. Kept it under 7 goals? Wow.

  • Frank Rekas

    Yea, a real Canucklehead. I have always questioned his mental toughness.

    $10 million next year? I don’t think so!

  • slapshot1106

    Interesting to note that 4 out of the 5 remaining goalies, besides Nabokov, are relatively cheap… So yes certainly glad our team isn’t commited to Luongo’s contract… It also has to devalue the position a bit, as there always seems to be extra goalies out there… And it’s more about catching young goalies(Halak,Niemi,Rask) while they’re relatively cheap, as opposed to rewarding guys(Huet,Thomas,DiPietro) with big money, long-term contracts for short-term results…

    The problem here for the Cats is with T-VO. I don’t think anyone will offer them quality returns for him in the off-season… They’ll probably let the Panthers pay the majority of the $6.3 mill this year, and then make an offer at the trade deadline… So the Cats have to hope he not only performs, but stays healthy, and teams still have the desire for his services… So once again, they consistently put themselves in poor contractual situations… way too much RISK and not enough REWARD…

  • Frank Rekas

    I think that he’ll be tough to move, but look at teams like L.A. or Stif t. Louis or even Washington, although I’m not sure how much room the Caps have.

    Again, they need players back, and they most likely won’t be young players with great potential, but if they just lose him to free agency, then that will be worse.

    Randy, AKA George Costanza, needs to learn how to structure a deal.