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As we move closer to the NHL’s Conference Finals it’s been a great week of Playoff Hockey.  Maybe you didn’t have trouble finding games on T.V. like I did, but here’s some stories that you might have missed along the way.

With a new “nickname” for The Sedins, and a brief review of the Bruins, here’s Ducks Daily Blog.  I will not ruin the title for you, as my good friend Sue is always good for a witty surprise.

The Chicago Blackhawks got into the head of the Vancouver Canucks with their game three victory.  Here’s my colleague and friend,  Jeff Bartl over at Blackhawk Up  with his version of how the Hawks are turning the Canucks cheers into tears.

Blackout Dallas talks about finding yourself in trouble.  Don’t go asking for it.

We have a new writer for our Octopus Thrower site at Fan Sided.  Welcome Brian Harwell as he covers the Wings.  Here  he looks at the reaction of a Joe Thornton elbow on Tomas Holmstrom.

At the halfway point of the second round last week  Rink Royalty  adjusted his second round picks.  How will he do?

Blades of Teal  and Octopus Thrower got together for a little Q & A about the series.  Good stuff.

Canuck Way  describes Vancouver’s situation as Critical.  I think he might be right.

The Bruins went up on Philly three games to none, then lost David KreciCauseway Crowd  tells us that this could be a huge blow for the Bruins.

Sabre Noise is going to creat some here.  My buddy Tim Redinger is calling New York a Sabre State!

A nice observation from an objective view about the play of Alex Semin and Mike Green from Caridac Cane.

Eye On Isles has his eyes on the the Conferece Semi-Finals.  He makes some excellent comments about the second round.

Don’t know Peter Regin of the Ottawa Senators? Here’s  SensShot  with a video of the best player to have come out of Denmark.

Myles who normally blogs for our Leafs site, filled in quite nicely for Broad Street Buzz  this week while Eugene took time off for…what…. his honeymoon!  Oh, never fear, the staff here at Fansided can overcome anything, including poor planning.  Just Kidding Eugene.

Pens Labyrinth talks about Pittsburgh’s woes at even strength as they have struggled to get rid of Montreal.

Bolts By The Bay  chats about the potential greatness of Steven Stamkos.

There are some odd items for sale if your a Caps fan.  Go to Capitals Outsider  and check out the merchandise .

Blades of Funny thinks that there might be some NHL players that moonlight as those Vancouver Green Men!

Justin Bourne over at Bourne’s Blog calls Roberto Luongo a Cat, but not in a good way.

Four Habs Fans talks about the heart and CHarachter of the Canadiens!

The Notwithstanding Clause  isn’t too happy with Montreal’s game five performance.

The hockey blogoshphere is a great place.  Friendships can be made, relationships can develop, and guess what?  You can talk hockey.  I made a new friend recently with Laura over at The Active Stick.  She takes the  NHL dating scene to a different level. 

Thanks for reading.

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