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Top of the morning boys and girls.  Or afternoon.  Depending on when you’re reading this.  I’m away on business, but if you’re reading this, the autopilot that we’ve installed here at the Rat Trick must be working.  Back here on Friday the 7th, but you never know if there’s a away for me to find some time to put up a post, i’m gonna do it.  So keep coming back as I don’t want you to have withdrawl sysmptoms.

Ok, you know the drill.  Here’s what you need to see:

Causeway Crowd tells us what we should expect with the return of Marc Savard to the  Bruins lineup.

Lindy Ruff coach of the Sabres was recently extended.  Ah, that doesn’t sound right.  He was recently given a contract extension for another season, keeping him behind the Buffalo bench for another year.  That sounds better.  Here’s Sabre Noise with a little togetherness.

Here’s a fine season recap of the Carolina Hurricanes by Cardiac Cane.  Certainly not the year they had hoped for, but they did have a pretty decent finish.

NHL Awards will be here soon. Here’s Blue Line Station  with his version of how they should go.

SenShot  gives Ottawa  fans some reasons to be happy about their season.

The series that could be a real blood bath is the Flyers and  Bruins.  Here’s Broad Street Buzz  with a little bit of insight to the matchup.

Pittsburgh is a pretty well balanced team and gets scoring help from all of their lines.  Pens Labyrinth  talks about the importance of secondary scoring.

The Washington Capitals were ousted in their first round series by the  Montreal Canadiens Capitals Outsider puts it together in one word.

One of the best “D” men ever to play the game, Scott Niedermayer has been the example of leader, performer and all around “class” guy.  Here’s an nice wrap up about Scotty by Ducks Daily Blog.  Oh yea, check out the video Panther fans.  See if you remember it.

Blackout Dallas  reviews the playoffs, Brad Richards and the Hossa hit in Nashville.  Good reading. 

We never hear enough about what players do for the community, and the stories are just too hard to come by.  Fortunately Rink Royalty has a nice piece about Kings Captain and forward Dustin Brown.

A chance at redemption.  With revenge on their mind the Vancouver Canucks get a chance to return the favor of last year’s loss to the Chicago Blackhawks.  Here’s  Canuck Way  with a preview of the series.

There are some things in the NHL that are not to be believed.  Many people can start rumours or fabricate stories.  Blades of Funny has a few headlines that might shock you.  Or not.

Bloge Salming a funny site you need to go to if you’ve never been.  Here’s a little diddy about trading for a defenceman between Burke and Bowman.  Ha ha!

The Habs beat the the Caps and when you look at the series before it started you’d have to say the numbers told you that Washington would win.  The Active Stick tells us the numbers lied. 

Not to pick on the Caps but they did kinda go down in flames.  Or as Bourne’s Blog  describes it, a Chernobyl.

Didn’t know the NHL published a yearbook.  Me either.  Found it on Stay Classy. Cheeky!

Last but not least, and YOU WILL LOVE THIS  Panther fans. Here’s Cowhide and Rubber  with 22 reasons to Fire Jacques Martin.  I can add nothing.  Except, I know!  Ahh, the memories of Uncle Jackie.  Things don’t change do they?

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