Hey Panthers-Do The Opposite!

Yes Florida Panthers.  Do the opposite of what you always do.  Which is nothing.  Although in this case it would be something.  Confused?  Read on.

But first a public address announcement that’s not brought to you by your South Florida Lexus Dealers.

Hey schmuck!  Yea you.  Whoever you are that gave me 29 viruses yesterday.  You thought you could slow me down?  Thought you could beat me?  Thought you could prevent me from doing the good work that I do here on the blogosphere?

Hah! I’m up and running.  I was up and running yesterday.  So schmuckhead, stick it! 

Congratulations to the Montreal Canadiens for coming back from being down three games to one and beating the Washington Captials.  Never thought that would have happened.  Jaroslav Halak deserves all the credit for this one, especially for keeping Alex Semin off the scoreboard.  Wow!

Ok, while we’re waiting for the next round of playoffs to begin, here’s some news for ya.

Well how about this Cat fans ?  It was reported last night on TSN that the Detroit Red Wings SCUM have given the Tampa Bay Lightning permission to speak to Steve Yzerman about their vacant general manager position.  How do you like them apples?  You can read the story for the details, but the offices of The Rat Trick had put out a bulletin recently (somewhere) that Stevie Y would be a good choice to replace George Costanza Art Vandelay current Panther GM Randy Sexton.

But our cross state rivals seem to have the upper hand on this one as the call has already been made.  Could it happen?  Why not.  Anything is possible.  Although rumors have it that Stevie Y is not a fan of Vincent Lecavalier, so that may play into it, or not.  Point is, the call was made and if it happens someone will have beaten us to the punch.  That is unless we we’re even thinking about it.  Were we?  Are we?  Oh shit, now what?

Hmmm.  Tampa or Florida?  Lightning or Panthers?  Gulf waters or Atlantic ocean. 

Lecavalier, St. Louis, Malone, Hedman, and some kid named Stamkos.  Or Horton, Little Stevie (some said he reminded them of Yzerman), Booth, and that overpaid, underachieving Rusty Olesz.  Pretty easy decision eh?  Yea that Yzerman reference-about as close as me fighting Stu Grimson and winning.  Even with both of Stu’s hands tied behind his back.

So while I’m on the Seinfeld kick as it’s apparently getting me some mileage, thanks to our new friends over at Blades of Funny, I’ve prepared and loaded an episode of Seinfeld for you.  Watch it.  It’s perfect.  Tell me George doesn’t make you think of Randy.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.


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  • http://johnbeatty.org Johnny B

    You make a good point. No one of quality is likely to come here unless they can clean house. I’m not sure the owners are that desperate yet, because I don’t think they can see it. This organization seems to be blind to their many faults.

  • http://BroadStreetBuzz.com Eugene Markman

    Am I missing something? Why is Stevie Y a hot commodity all of a sudden? His Olympic success doesn’t correlate to NHl success at all. He got to build a team from scratch, and was able to pick from the cream of the crop. In TB he may take the helm of a team that has some great talent, but is overloaded with bad contracts. In Florida, he doesn’t even have a cornerstone player to build around. Is he really the man that can turn these bad situations around? I honestly doubt it.

  • Frank Rekas

    Many experts, or pundits, or people in the know, which I’m probably in none of those categories, feel that Stevie Y has watched and learned and grown from being in the Detroit organization. I hear, and have read where he’s pretty well respected so far. Yes he had a boatload of talent to build Team Canada from. Would he be the answer here in Florida? At this point short of me taking the role of GM, he brings alot more respect, charisma and knowledge of todays game then what’s here presently.

    That being said, while there is not, repeat NOT a player(s) to build around on the Panthers, I would think that Stevie is smart enough to surround himself with people who can help him do that.

    It’s not just the GM, it’s scouting and for some, coaching that needs to be changed.

    The major issue at hand is, and I am just throwing this out there, are the Panthers even thinking of making changes? Or are they sticking with the same game plan they’ve had for the last , oh, 10 years?

    Chaos doesn’t cut it.

  • http://yahoo.com hank

    the point here is not if yzerman comes to tampa or not the issue is they are doing things in the off season while our two clowns are sitting at the poker table standing pat.

  • Frank Rekas

    Hank: Did you see them at the poker table?