Can Montreal Do This?

I may be rooting for them, but certainly not rooting for him!

The Look of Confidence?. Source:Globe and Mail

So Uncle Jack (Jacques Martin if this is you’re first time here) finds himself in a game seven matchup against the high flying Washington Capitals.  Yes, after leaving the Florida Panthers in the dust Atlantic Ocean and taking one of the most prestigious coaching jobs in the NHL, he has the Habs on the brink of eliminating the Washington Captials.  A team that won the President’s Trophy this year.  Fuck you Uncle Jack.

Domininc Moore who was fairly invisible here in South Florida now all of a sudden becomes Mr. Reliable.  Piss off!

Jaro (Spacek) has been out with a virus, but still contributing to the glee.  Screw you too!

So there’s my Ex-Panther rant for this morning.  Bad mood?  Yes.  Why?  Scum beat the Yotes for starters to advance and now they’ll play the Sharks in the next series.

Back to the Habs.  How did they do it?

Not by playing defence.  After giving up about 475 shots on Monday, if it wasn’t for Jaro Halak, this would’ve been over.  Hey Uncle Jack, your defence needs to tighten up!

Good coaching?  I’ll never accuse Uncle Jack of that.  Gotta come down to his players right?  Right?

Too small?  Cammy, Gionta, Gomez, Bergeron.  Maybe good things come in small packages?  What the hell do I know. 

If the Canadiens advance  and beat the Caps tonight in game seven of their opening series it will be because of one thing.  The goaltending of Jaroslav Halak.  Standing on his head Monday and most likely proving a point to the organization after being pulled in game three and sitting game four, I think he gave JM the old screw you, I can do this.  Good for him.  Maybe Carey Price isn’t the savior of the franchise.  Maybe he’s got some growing up to do as well.  Who knows.  Or maybe Halak wants a fat contract next year!

You have to give Halak credit as he has kept the Caps at a distance and played lights out.  Alex Semin  has 36 shots in the series.  No goals.  You say he’s due?  Maybe.  Maybe he’s doomed.  Ovechkin hasn’t been dominating.  Green hasn’t been an offensive force.  Or a defensive one for that matter.

Speaking of Ovie, please go to my friends at Four Habs Fans and read the piece about Olivechkin.  Brilliant.

Maybe the Caps have given their own piss off to their coach Bruce Boudreau.  Certainly you’d have to think he may have lost some of the troops with his Saturday night special of calling goaltender Semyon Varlamov a “Fucking Idiot” for taking the too many men penalty the other night. 

Now it seems that he’s got to reel these boys in, and maybe it’s too late.  They could be playing for themselves, instead of him.  Messy.  If they win, they all fall back in love.

Ask Uncle Jack.  Maybe he knows. Maybe he doesn’t.

In other matches, as you know the Scum are advancing and will play the Sharks.  Ok, Joe Thornton.  Wake up!

The Hawks get to take on the Canuckleheads, who decided to have Canuck Day yesterday in honor of winning their first round series.  What?  You guys suck!  Wanting to play the Hawks for redemption the “Nucks” get their wish.  You know the old saying.  Rumour has it though that Booby Lose has been having nightmares of the number seven in his dreams, and of backhanded shots getting past him.  With a little shit eating grin from sniper Partrick Kane.  Ex-Panther factor for Vancouver remember was five!

Enjoy tonights game.

UPDATE: Made a slight change in this peice due to a grammatical error that wasn’t changed when finalizing the story. 

NOTE:  I saw the funniest quote yesterday, also on Four Habs Fans. Here it is:  “Jacques Lemaire has retired from coaching.  We’d say good luck, but we think it’s a trap”.  Brilliant again boys. 

If anyone needs explanation, please email me.  I will keep your questions and identity confidential.  For now.

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  • John Beatty

    I hate to say this, but old Jackie has outcoached Bruce Boudreau. I knew the Caps were in for an ugly ride as soon as Bruce yanked Theodore for Varlamov. Apparently he didn’t learn his lesson last year. Yes, Theodore has had bad years, but he’s the guy who got them there this year. Quite simply, JM was smart enough to put Halak back in there after giving Price one start. Brucie’s sticking with Varlamov, even after the too many men incident.

  • Frank Rekas

    I know. I can’t bring my self to say it either. Have to think that Bruce lost the trops when he quick hooked Theodore. That has come back to bite him. I honestly thought that he would have had more patience.
    That could be the move that copst them.
    Theodore seserved better after his performance this year.

  • slapshot1106

    Dominic is solid role player, and a nice trade-line acquisition for the Habs… Yes they gave up a 2nd rounder, so give them credit as they jumped in there early before other teams could… Like many other players, these guys play better when surrounded by ohter LEGITMATE talent, not like the Panthers… And his face-off abilities make for his added value in tight playoff games…

    I hope for a Habs win, as it might stir up more goalie controversy, and give us another team to shop T-Vo… The Kings are already on the list. If we get lucky, we could add the Caps, and maybe the Hawks and/or the Flyers based on how their guys play in the 2nd round….

  • Frank Rekas

    Well said slap-shot. Although as much as it doesn’t make sense to send Vokoun to Washington as we’d have to see him 6 times a year, if the return is right, I’ll make the deal. Don’t see him going to the Hawks, unless we take back Huet, and as of right now, that’s not a good deal for us.
    Even if we get back a guy like Versteeg and or Big Buff.
    Will be interesting to see what the offers are.

    And yes, players leave here and are usually better because they are surrounded by legitimate talent.

  • hank

    JM and Moore, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    lets go panthers

  • Frank Rekas

    Unbelieveable! Were they that good or did washington fall apart?

  • dan

    Wow…so much for your ex-panther factor. Joke Martin advances on a game winning goal by…Dominic Moore of all people.

  • hank

    hugh choke job. thats why crosby is better than ovie. all it takes is as hot goalie. could of sworn that was beezer in net.

  • hank

    oh yea, i forgot. mike green is sooooooooooooooooooooo overrated

  • Frank Rekas

    Hey all I give the Habs lots of credit for this one. In the end Boudreau made some mistakes and Ovie, Semin and Green disappeared. Your best players have to be your best players. They weren’t.
    Brucie’s f-bomb on Varly was a killer!

  • Johnny B

    It was a combination of good play and coaching by the Habs and the Caps falling apart. The mistakes they were making against a team that barely got in the playoffs were inexcusable. They left the door open early and Halak got better as the series went on. The third and fourth lines for Washington did their part, but the defense and the top guys didn’t. Washington’s top guys are more talented, but Montreal had more discipline and played as a team.

    Not sure if they can do it again, and I don’t usually root for the Canadiens but since they’re playing the Penguins I’ll make an exception.

  • Frank Rekas

    Johnny B: Good points. The Habs took opportunity of a situation that in reality should never have happened. Althoughm Halak facing 134 shots in three games is embarassing. But scoring only 3 goals is worse.

    I am not a Penguins fan whatsover. (Despise) is actually my feeling. WHile I am not a fan of our friend Uncle jack, I will root for the players. I just dont think they have enough to beat Pittsburgh. If the Pens however play as sporadically as the did against Ottawa, then it’s anyone’s series.