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What a weekend!  The greatness of the first round winding down.  Surely you’ve all been busy, but surely you’re not too busy for more coverage of hockey as The Rat Trick gives you the usual Monday tour around the NHL.

I know it’s alot of reading, but honestly, it’s all good stuff and this is the one hockey blog that you can come to for all the stories you aren’t getting. 


The Sedins have a new nickname.  Go to Daily Ducks Blog for all the in person description.

You’ve heard of playoff beards?  Well Blackhawk Up is promoting the playoff Mullett.

The Vezina Trophy nominees are in.  Flame for Thought thinks that Kipper should be….well, you’ll see.

Rink Royalty makes a good claim for Drew Doughty and the Norris Trophy.

Great recap by  The Canuck Way on game four against the Kings.

Sabre Noise writes a letter to Sabres owner Tom Golisano.  Will it be enough?

Very extensive report by Pucks and Pitchforks on the Devils trying to avoid a 3-1 deficit earlier last week.

Broad Street Buzz describes the O.T. victory of the Flyers over New Jersey as a “car bombing”.

Matt Carkner of the Ottawa Senators is the unlikey hero.  Sens Shot calls it.

Eyes On Isles has begun a series of reviews on the Long Island group.

Jordan Staal has been named as a  Selke Finalist.  Pens Labyrinth reviews the reasons why.

The playoffs are off to a great start.  Editor In Leaf thinks the boys in Toronto better learn a few things.

Capitals Outsider has alot of great stuff up this week, but I really like this. 

Watching hockey with the misses is different for all of us.  Blades of Funny recaps his most recent night.  Is your house like this?

How can you tell if you’re teams not advancing to the second round?  Down Goes Brown tells you.

Four Habs Fans give you 10 reasons why they hate the Capitals.  Take your time and read it!

Wanna read about hockey from a players point of view.  Go to JT Bourne’s blog.  JT is a former player turned writer and a nice guy to top it off.  Here’s his great view on the “Too many men on the ice” issue that’s cramping the playoffs.  Read it.  It’s not good, it’s great.  Oh I said that already.  Well it is.

Inside Hockey Blogger Mathew DiBiase is doing a series of posts on coaches in the NHL.  Of course he did one on Mike Keenan.  Here it is.  There’s also one on Jacques Martin, but we all know the end result, so it’s up to you if you want to read it.

Thanks for reading.

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  • slapshot1106

    The one positive is that there is some questions in goaltending out in LA, so that should give us at least one option as a trade partner for T-VO… It seems like it’s a good gamble for the Kings as it’s a one year contract. It’s a little pricey at $6.3 million, but they could get him cheap… It sounds like they’re not happy with Frolov. I don’t think he’s the best answer for the Panthers, but maybe more a guy like Simmonds, Handsuz, Halpern, etc…

  • hank

    Boy, the more i watch these great playoffs the more i see how bad the panthers are. OUCH

  • Frank Rekas

    First, Slapshot:
    The Kings are a possiblilty, but they have a pretty good goalie in the minors in Bernier. Not sure if he’s ready, but it’s certainly an option. I like Siimonds and so do the Kings, but we’d probably not get him. As foir Handzus and or Halpern, they fall right in lie of what we normally do. Journeymen. They are decent players, but on this club they’d turn into a Brett Mclean type. I would hope that we could do better than those two. Take one of them as part of an overall deal, but not both.

  • Frank Rekas

    Second, Hank: Yes the Cats are pretty bad. This is exactly why the thinking of just qualifying for the eighth spot is not the way to approach building your roster.
    No way we’d have a chance.

    That’s the truth.
    Good call.

  • slapshot1106

    Yes I hear many of the Kings fans calling for Bernier, but since they’ve established themselves as a playoff-caliber team, I think a veteran goalie like T-VO playing oot a one-year contract would be a good gamble for LA… And it may give them more stability in case Bernier doesn’t work out right away as planned…

    So Panthers should push some buttons here and they can’t ask for a king’s ransom. The Panthers could save a lot of $$$ off-loading T-VO… It looks like Quick signed a 3 yr deal for a relatively cheap $5.4 mill TOTAL… It would give them options in case they wanted to shop Quick or Clemm either this year or next, while waiting for Markstrom to mature…

    Also as the Panthers start to make deals, I think they should try to push to make trades in PACKAGES if possible… This way they may be able to get rid of a bad contract or two here and there… A guy like Halpern probably is only a 3rd liner, but may also offer some leadership for a Cats team that truly lacks LEADERSHIP… If you could get rid of Allen, Stillman, McCabe, or somehow miraculously Olesz or Kreps contracts in a package deal, it would be a major bonus…

    T-Vo– Allen– pick for Quick–R Jones–Halpern

  • Frank Rekas

    Agreed. Packages are the only way we’re gonna move guys like Kreps and Olesz. Problem is we will most likely ahve to take bad a bad contract as well. Shawn Horcoff and Ales Kotalik were rumoured to be coming here at the trade deadline last year. Those kind of names make me wonder what type of analysis we are doing.

  • slapshot1106

    Yes I’ve been hoping they would’ve tied this now.. Sometimes the only way to get rid of your bad contracts is to take a gamble on someone else’s, and maybe take advantage of a prospect or pick you also pick up along the way… The problem here is they tend to NOTHING, and try to feed the fans the same B.S. that they are only a few points out… So they stick with Horton and Weiss as their CORE guys, then there is no LeADERSHIP and the rest of the teams floats through the motions, but no one COMPETES CONSISTENTLY….

    Change it all I say… Keep a few workers, but I don’t even mind if we get lesser talent in return.. It’ll be addition by subtraction, and the team should eventually be held more accountable…They’ll finally get an identity, and maybe find some young talent to step in and play with PASSION…

    Yes Horcoff and Kotalik are overpaid and not role-models for youngsters, but it’s better than watch many of these lifeless stiffs they put out there year after year, shoveling the same B.S.

    Kotalik would actually give them a right-handed point shot on the PP, and is pretty good in the shoot-out… A a Sabre fan, I know him well enough and am far from touting him as the savior… He doesn’t have a high enough compete-level, but he does add some attributes the Cats need, which are many…

    So the point is there are options out there to look at to take certain gambles with… Obviously it looks like we missed out on sending T-VO to the Flyers for Giroux and Boucher, but something along those lines… Someone has to have the guts to make some of those deals…

    I think one of our best chances to take advantage would be to send Horton to the Rangers in a package. Maybe we take a gamble and take a bad contract in Rozival(definitely not Redden’s), but we’d also be wishing for a Callahan(all heart), Dubinsky, and possibly another one of their quality young D-Men(Staal, delgotto, Girardi, Gilroy)… You’re probably not getting Staal, but I’ll take a good right-handed shot in Girardi on the PP…

    Horton–Ballard or McCabe–Allen or Stillman


    Callahan or Dubinsky–Rozival–Girardi