Hands UP! The Awesomeness Continues!

 Here’s Hockey Night In Canada’s opening from Saturday night. Check out the kid at the 30 second mark.

The number one story on Yahoo is how play was stopped during the first period of the Chicago-Nashville game.  Predators rookie forward Nick Spalding took a shot at Blackhawks goalie Antii Niemi that was litterally eaten up by the Hawk goaltender.  Play was stopped and Niemi was given a strip search until the puck was found.  Coming to the rescue, Captain Marvel, Jonathan Toews of the Blackhawks.  Here’s the story and video to go along. 

In other news from yesterday, you know how the Hawks and Preds turned out as they move on to game six in Nashville on Monday with the Hawks leading 3-2.  Sidenote, Marian Hossa has a disciplinary hearing for his major penalty on Preds d-man Dan Hamhuis.  Should be a short hearing.  No injury, no priors, no attempt to injure.  At worst he could have been ejected from the game, but that’s judgement decided by refs and not me.

The Pens survived, yes survived, and beat Ottawa in overtime last night on a goal by Pascal Dupuis.  Even though they lost a two goal lead and that grunt Matt Cooke scored twice, say what you want, but Ottawa put up a fight and lasted alot longer than many give them credit for.  As for the Pens, this series should send a message.  It’s not gonna be easy, and if you play this sloppy in the next round, your done.  I’m good with that.

San Jose finally disposed of the youthfulness of Colorado.  A series clinching 5-2 victory of the Avalanche who also stuck around more that anyone thought.  Craig Anderson should get props for finally making himself a number one goalie after chances with Chicago and Florida.  Without him, it’s safe to say, Colorado’s season could have been over a long time ago.  As for the Sharks, it’s the other Joe, Pavelski that’s doing the damage.  Thornton and his pals Marleau and Heatley are making Houdini type performances.  Where are these guys? Really?  It’s not the first time and my guess it won’t be the last.  If they don’t show up in the next round,  it’s time to move on.

As for today, Phoenix and Scum square off at 2:00 Eastern, and the Nucks and Bobby Lose try to eliminate the Kings.

The toughest game to win is always the elimination game.  It takes grit, determination and as I said yesterday, a little bit of controlling your destiny.  Players have to support each other.  It’s a long road and for some they need something to lean on.

It doesn’t always go as you planned.  Like the group the National says: 

“Looking for somewhere to stand and stay-I leaned on a wall and the wall leaned away”.

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  • http://yahoo.com hank

    Frank you have your finger on the pulse of things so what’s the story with the panthers? This past week another lousy team the oilers made changes with upper management and yet we still sit idle. What do these owners think we forgot what’s going on since there’s playoff hockey? Silence is (not) golden.HELP i’m drowning here.

  • Frank Rekas

    Hank: All is quiet and to me that’s scary! I’m with you, silence is not golden.
    Nothing in the papers,nothing on line, nothing from even my ticket rep!
    This message brought to you by your South Florida Lexus dealer!
    It looks like things are staying the same. Other teams making moves in management yet we do nothing. Doesn’t make me happy!

  • slapshot1106

    For the season ticket holders, does anyone know when the Cats hold their year-end State of the Team meeting? I’m sure this would be the best time to form the ANTI-Yormark claims…. If you guys get a majority and call for his change, they would have to make adjustments….