Hey Mike: Aren't You Tired Of Being a Barbarian?

Panther Fans: There’s A Different Mike to Hate On!


Just a quick little rant about former player, coach and suckjob GM, Mike Milbury and a comment he made regarding the Florida Panthers.  Granted, and before you check out the rest of the story, we know what we have here in Florida.  A team that has been laughed at, critiqued, and literally tossed away by most.  You know, like the divorced stepchild.  But that’s our job here in Florida, not yours plasterhead. 

Well, Mike Milbury, the new Hockey Arse of T.V. commentators, decided to review all 30 teams recently in his CBC blog post earlier this month.

Go take a look.  See what he says about the Panthers.  I won’t spoil the fun or suspense.  It’s all right here.  This is journalism?

Also, you can check out the post I did for the Fan Sided Main page, which goes into a more indepth crtique itself about Milbury’s blubbering.  I tried to give him a chance for a long time, but for someone that’s a professional, he’s pretty whinny.  I know I can’t blog, but hey, I’m providing the news that you’re not getting from the local authorities papers.  Someone has to.

Just thought you’d like to know the junk that’s out there. Kinda makes me feel better about the work I’m doing.

Hey if we’re lucky, Stu and Cliff will see this and maybe they get pissed off enough to make the Panthers relevant again. 

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Thanks for reading.

Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.  Can’t wait to see them today!


P.S.  Last night’s playoff roundup coming soon.  Or whenever I get to it. Don’t get all pansified.

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  • http://johnbeatty.org Johnny B

    Of course that’s not journalism. Milbury isn’t a journalist, he’s a loudmouth. I don’t know why anyone would take anything he says about hockey seriously. This guy is known for two things: hitting a fan with a shoe and wrecking the Islanders.

    This is the guy who had Roberto Luongo on his team, then passed up Dany Heatley and Marion Gaborik to draft Rick DiPietro, he of the glass hip, and shipped Luongo off to the Panthers. Oh wait… Maybe that’s why he’s bitter about the Panthers.

  • Frank Rekas

    Exactly my point. That trade pretty much cemented the end of his GM career.

    CBC needs to rethink his status for next season.

  • slapshot1106

    Yes I agree his Mgmt skills were below average and not sure how he ends up with the job he has now, but I think many of his comments have validity… And give him credit for speaking the truth…

    I would tend to think that most of the hockey experts know and respect Booth. They know Horton and Weiss, but don’t consider them difference makers… They just see years of bad decisions on top of bad decisions, so it’s hard to attain credibiltiy when no one takes you serious…

    Columbus also gets a bad rap for McLean’s poor mgmt, but they are much closer than the Cats… Mason had a sophomore slump. Nash is a true star, and they’ve got much more respectable talent than the Cats.. If Mason can’t recover and the Panthers can’t find a trade for T-Vo. Columbus might be the perfect place for him… He could fly under the radar in a small market, and they wouldn’t have a whole lot to lose, as T-Vo’s got 1 year left on contract…

  • Frank Rekas

    Hey Slapshot: I certainly don’t mind a straight shooter, matter of fact I practice that myself. In Milbury’s case though he’s beginning to become quite the bully.
    Have you seen him on Hockey Night In Canada? Go to their site and check out any episode of the Hotstove. You’ll see his bulldog tactics and argumentative behavior.
    Now yesterday afternoon, I heard him on the HNIC radio show on Sirius, and he was a bit more calm, so this is what I think.

    Too many hits to the head in his playing days have given him a split personality.

    Maybe he has bipolar disorder?

  • slapshot1106

    I’m not trying to justify or defend Milbury, but in regards to the Panthers, they deserve this type of critique for their constant mismanagement… It just shows the lack of respect they have, and rightfully so, based on their performance….

    So the question, are Stu and Cliff going to have the guts to finally order the FIRESALE that’s been so long overdue… Just sick of the average fan trying to justify that we’re so close if we just would’ve signed this free agent or that one… Other than a few, the Panthers have failed miserably at building any sort of IDENTITY… So until you build one, none of the good hockey people or free agents will have any desire to come here… Send them all packing…

  • http://yahoo.com hank

    Frank, I’m old school and love Milbury. Look at the coaches we’ve had lately, all softies. We need a hardass who gets respect. Tell me the last time a panther was benched as a healthy scratch? In my business if you don’t produce you don’t work. What a brillant concept.

  • Frank Rekas

    Hank, I’m old school as well, and for that matter am a huge fan of Mike Keenan.
    He was probably the alst guy to healthy scratch anyone, and that was way back in 2002!

    My issue with Milbury is that he just comes across as a jackass with his argumentative ways and always seems to say the exact opposite of what the other guy says. Had he said the panthers are a mess because of, and listed his reasons, then I have no problem with that.

    My business is the same way. It’s all about production, as this game is. We need a hard ass to come in here and not only say what he’s going to do, but back it up. So far, DeBoer has been all talk. I’m sure any veteran with any leadership woulod have told him to go pound sand by now.

    We’re on the same page Hankl. I just wanted an analysis from Milbury, like he gave the other 28 teams.

  • Frank Rekas

    Slapshot, as well as Hank, you both have great points and we’re basically on the same page.
    My biggest point is to show others that the Panthers have continued to get no respect from anyone.

    We’re not one or two players away from being a good team. We’re about four solid forwards away and at least two defencemen. We need some veteran leadership as well as some youthful skill and energy.

    The three of us and a few other know, that Sexton and Co. are going to count on a full recovery from David Booth next year.

    That will be another mistake.

  • http://johnbeatty.org Johnny B

    And if he makes that mistake, then he should be fired. I’m all for ownership giving him one more year provided he has a plan and is going to make the team over. If not, then he has to go, and the new GM needs to be able to change coaches if he so desires.

    Coaching is the main reason I’m for keeping Sexton one more year. That would put the end of his deal with DeBoer’s. If satisfactory progress hasn’t been made, then replace Sexton with someone else and that person can decide if DeBoer’s contract gets renewed, and only one coach and one GM will be on the payroll. No need for paying several GMs and head coaches, like some Florida teams. *ahem*

  • Frank Rekas

    Johnny I can appreciate not paying a coach and a GM, but I thought that Sexton needs to be renewed. DeBoer does have one more year, so if we do the math, Sexton gets another 1 year deal and DeBoer stays. I’m all for not wasting money, but I don’t think that Sexton is the guy to turn this around. If DeBoer is a casualty because of that, so be it.

    We need to cut out losses with this management group.

  • slapshot1106

    The Panthers haven’t done anything to earn RESPECT.. Now at least Columbus could say they made the playoffs last year, and play in a tougher conference to justify some sort of response…

    As far as forwards, I’d favor keeping 4(Booth, Bitz, Matthias, Tarnasky)… Dvorak is also valued fairly as a decent PK, role player. Maybe also Frolik, but I’m not sold on him, so if there’s a good offer out there, I’d take it and run… Too many of these young guys are thrown into a weak NHL line-up hoping they’re good enough, instead of spending time in the AHL earining their call-ups and roster spots…

    And I also support the Healthy-Scratch card that rarely ever gets used here because there’s never been a sense of urgency established to COMPETE… Therefore, NO RESPECT… And it’s been happening for YEARS….

  • Frank Rekas

    Keeping the four you suggested makes sense. Booth can’t be traded and the others are good bargains, however Bitz is nothing more than an occassional 3rd liner with the 4th line as his main spot. If they try to pass him along as anything else, they are hallucinating. He has rocks for hands.

    The respect “card” which is absolutely true and at the gut of Milbury’s remark, is going to ahve to be earned. It’s up to the owners to make serious changes and all the silence that we’ve seen even though the season ended just a couple weeks ago, speaks volumes.

    This reply brought to you by your local South Florida Lexus dealers. Ah, not really! But it’s fun to say, eh!

  • slapshot1106

    Yes so we’ve probably got one guy for each line… We’re probably stuck with few guys that won’t have value from either teams, so we’ll probably have to hold to a few contracts like it or not…

    1st line—???–???–Booth
    2nd line–???–Matthias–Frolik/Stilman
    3rd line–Dvorak–???–Bitz
    4th line–Tarnasky–Reinprecht–???

    I could live with that, but it would be nice to get something decent for Frolik, and anything to take Stillman’s or Reinprecht…

    Also is there any chance we can get Claude Giroux for T-Vo? Sexton got greedy asking for Carter, and now they might not even offer up others the way Giroux and Boucher are playing…

    • Frank Rekas

      Therein lies the problem. They aim for the 8th seed. Which as we know isn’t good enough.

  • Frank Rekas

    Do you remember last year when we could have traded Bow to Philly for Giroux and Coburn?!

    Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. I don’t see them trading younger players like that for Vokoun.
    Another reason why Sexton can’t do this job.
    Martin was too chicken to make the deal, and Sexton isn’t smart enough to ask for the right package. “Hand slap to head”

  • slapshot1106

    I remember packages with VanRiemsdyk mentioned, but JM wanted Hartnell included…. Either way, it doesn’t surprise me… And unless a team like the Hawks or Caps or Kings fall out early, who else is going to take on T-Vo’s $6.3 mill? Maybe Ottawa or Columbus, but I’m sure we won’t like the packages that’ll be offered… So we’re probably stuck with T-Vo… And that’s not good for a rebuilding team… It’s more of the same, as you pay big$$$ out to a goalie to try to keep you close in the race, but fail to change the CORE parts, fooling yourself to believe you have an outside chance at the 8th seed.. More of the same…Groundhog Day…