Playoff Pressure. Will The Panthers Ever Know What This is?

This orgainzation has proved this theory works!

Not having made the playoffs for nine consecutive season’s can tell you alot about an organization.  One would think.

You’ve read here many times some of the thoughts, comments and opinions that I’ve had about why things are the way they are, and what’s wrong.  Yet the Florida Panthers continue in their downward spiral and do nothing.

I am fortunate enough to pull myself away from the circus called the Florida Panthers and appreciate what other teams are feeling and go through, and wish that the Panthers could feel the same way. This is a results business, and for nine consecutive years, the Panthers aren’t getting the results.  But continue to do the same thing.  Insanity isn’t it?

I’m also not bashful of saying that I do have another team to root for.  The Chicago Blackhawks.  I was born and lived there for 31 years, so how could I not follow them right?  Believe me, it hurt to watch them go through their terrible times, but as we’ve seen they have come out of it in shinning colors. 

The Panthers are missing alot, but one thing that’s missing for sure is pressure.  Pressure to win.  Mike Keenan former head coach, and then general manager said so himself in an interview.  He  wasn’t being disrespectful, he was just stating fact.  You can dislike or despise him all you want, but it’s the truth.  We’ve been watching  this happen right before our eyes, yet our loyalty makes us think otherwise. 

As for me, I believe him.  It’s so blatantly obvious.

As much as I despise the Detroit Red Wings (Scum if you’re from Chicago like me), I have to appreciate and love to hear the comments coming from head coach Mike Babcock courtesy of twitter and James Mirtle from The Globe and Mail:

” I feel pressure.  I feel pressure because I want to win. That’s what we do here, is win”.  

Here’s more from Babcock:

“It doesn’t matter how much skill you have—– you’ve got to compete harder with the other guy”.

I really don’t think there’s too much more to say.  The 2010 playoffs have gotten off to a wonderful start.  Before yesterday’s games had started all of the series were tied at 1 (except the Hawks and Preds who had only played one game).  Exciting to say the least and the Cats have to strive to get there, and as an organization pressure themselves into doing it.

I’m tired of seeing this:

And this

And want more of this:

This isn’t a Keenan love fest or man crush.  I’m asking for just a few things that I think all of us fans want.  I’m asking for emotion, desire, character and drive.

Put all the right pieces together.  Get the players, coaches, staff and scouts to have the exact same mindset.

And of course one more thing:


Thanks for reading.

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