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As a regular reader of this blog (both of you) you’ve come used to seeing me refer to the many Canadian sites for news and updates.  Thank god for CBC, TSN and Sportsnet.

Here’s some stuff that if you’re in the states you probably haven’t seen.

The NHL playoffs began on Wednesday April 14th.  Here’s Hockey Night in Canada’s opening montage:

Here’s the opening for the Caps and Habs from Saturday the 17th:

An inteview with Drew Doughty, defenceman for the L.A. Kings with Scott Oake from CBC.  Listen closely to his answer about how he met Wayne Gretzky at 3:43ish.  Fantastic!’s_Hockey_Night_in_Canada/Inside_Hockey/ID=1471862646

One of my favorite things to watch on Saturday night is Coach’s Corner with Don Cherry.  Here’s the show from this Saturday April 17th.’s_Hockey_Night_in_Canada/Coach’s_Corner/ID=1471884887

While it has nothing do do with the playoffs, he’s never bashful in front of the camera.  John Tortorella’s top 10 comments:

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Enjoy the games today.


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