Florida Panthers Unveil "The Den Of Honor"


This past weekend the Florida Panthers unveiled their long awaited “Den of Honor”. 

While we can all admit that the Panthers organization has done alot of things wrong in the past, they finally were able to construct something that was right.

Honoring former players, owners, coaches, and area hockey, the Florida Panthers now have on display a memorabilia section that is something they can be proud of.  A shrine to the past if you will, and hope for the future, this display spans a section of the hallways on the lower level with cases containing pictures, equipment, trophies, and various sweaters of players.

Here are some pictures that I took while there.  Sorry about the quality as they’re from my phone.

How it all began with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and original Panther owner H. Wayne Huizenga.

A case devoted to goalie John Vanbiesbrouck:

The first real superstar for the Panthers:

There is even a section devoted to youth and high school hockey.  The picture below is actually from the High School that my daughter attends and the player in the dark sweater with the number 94 is someone we have known since pre-k.  That was pretty cool and I think my daughter was actually a bit choked up about it:

There’s a ton of items on display and the next time you’re at a game you really should take some time and look everything over.  While I wasn’t able to make the ceremony for the unveiling, there were alot of players in attendance that were reconginzed.  Among them Paul Laus, Scott  Mellanby, Bill Lindsay, Peter Worrell, Brian Skrudland, Chris Wells ( why?) and of course former coach Doug MacLean.

I actually saw Mac in the hallways and stopped him and said hello. 

Great guy, and love listening to him on “Hockey Central” whenever I get a chance weekdays from 1 P.M. to 2 P.M. on Sirius station 97.  Should have asked him if he was coming back.

Also, as we were finishing up Stu Siegel one of the new majority owners came up and said hello to us as we were checking things out.  Also, met his lovely wife (who’s name I’ll withhold to protect her privacy).  We chatted for a bit, as we usually do during the games, but for once we didn’t discuss anything related to the on ice product.  His intentions are good and hopefully he’ll be able to accomplish what everyone wants.  A winner.

That being said, during the game I was a bit hungry and ordered some food and look who brought it to me:

Sorry.  Couldn’t resist.

Anyway, and in all seriousness, a very nice job by the Panthers.  I hope that while we’re able to enjoy the past, maybe this will somehow spark the future.  There’s alot of work to do and alot of changes to be made.

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