The Ultimate Matchup. Sunday Thoughts.

The matchup that everyone wanted in Olympic hockey is upon us this afternoon.  USA vs. Canada.  Ryan Miller vs. Roberto Luongo.  The youth and speed of Team USA, vs. the experience of  Team Canada.  The U.S. is undefeated so far while Team Canada has one loss.  I predict and I really don’t like to do this, but I predict Team U.S.A. wins and for one reason only.

Team Canada has Roberto Luongo.  He has never won the big game. 

I realize I could look pretty stupid here, but in about three hours we’ll find out.

Enjoy the game.

A few thoughts. 

The treade deadline freeze is over starting Monday.  I think many teams will be active.  But I feel as though the Panthers won’t be.  I felt that way even before Randy Sexton apparently told the Sun-Sentinel that there won’t be a fire sale.  Perfect!  Once again, all talk, no action!

Will Tomas Vokoun be traded and if so, where to?

I am predicting that as close as the Panthers are to a playoff spot, they’re not making it.

What one player if traded from the Panthers, would surprise you?

Last thought.  Will this be the last season for either DeBoer and or Randy Sexton?

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy todays game!


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