USA Beats Team Canada!

Was that an awesome game or what?  Some of the best hockey you’ve seen was displayed Sunday night as the U.S. beat Team Canada by a 5-3 score and make a real statement for themselves.  And for every hockey fan in the states.  I can’t believe hnow many people I know actually watched that game.  Many of whom aren’t hockey fans.

A tough work schedule for me today will not allow me to spend much time on this, so I thought I would link a few articles that give quite the recap.

From the National Post is one article that points a finger at Martin Brodeur.

Scott Morrison credits Ryan Miller goalie for the U.S. among other things as the reason for winning.

P.J. Stock, former NHL, player thinks the Americans have some sort of an edge.

This sets up a great finish to the end as Canada needs four wins in a row for Gold, and the U.S. would only need three.

Canada has some questions such as what to do about the goalie situation, and what the heck is going on with the line combinations.

The U.S. team may be too young to know any better, but I’ll say this:  They never gave up.  The last few minutes of the game they looked as though they were hanging on for dear life.  If not for Ryan Miller, it could have gone the other way.  Fortunately for the U.S., fan, it didn’t.

Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

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