Bruins Hungrier Than Panthers.

Let’s not take anything away from Boston, but the Panthers looked “Lost” Sunday evening as the Boston Bruins, down 1-0 in the first, scored two consecutive goals to beat the once again struggling Florida Panthers

Keeping this short and sweet, the Bruins played the “perfect” road game.  They were not fancy, they stayed composed, did the little things, and finished their checks.  ALL OF THEM!  Now I’m not saying the Panthers played badly, I am saying that they played rather timidly at times.  Out of sync if you will, and this coming off a spiritied practice the day before, where working on shots and tip ins and breakouts were on the agenda.  Must have forgotten everything.

With the exception of Dominic Moore (Dinty), the rest of the team looked as though they still had more presents to open and were a bit unconcerned.  Moore’s hard work could not translate to the rest of the squad as the Bruins seemed hungrier, and desperately wanted both points.

Our top line of Weiss, Horton and Frolik was ineffective again.  They had a combined ZERO points, 5 shots and a minus 3!

Scott Clemmensen who had surprised everyone as the starter this night was solid in goal stopping 26 of 28 shots.  He didn’t deserve to lose as you can’t ask your goalie to save EVERY game for you. 

Michael Ryder and Marco Sturm were the goal scorer’s for the Bruins, and Tim Thomas was his usual unorthodox self in goal, making 25 saves.  He made a very nice glove save late in the third on a Nathan Horton shot that would have tied the game.

In closing, the Panthers didn’t look bad, but didn’t look good either.  Not hungry.  Not desperate.  While I haven’t checked the “Hit” count, I am sure that we had our share, as long as you count soft taps.  I’m looking for the solid check, the kind that gets the player off the puck.

See that’s one of my issues with this team.   According to what coach DeBoer wants, we are supposed to be a difficult team to play against.  We are supposed to frustrate opponents and forecheck the hell out of them.  Being more physical would certainly accomplish that.  However I’m pretty sick and tired of getting a 3 on 2 or a 2 on 1 and watching us go off for a line change, or at the end of one period yesterday, with 11 seconds left, make a total change of lines!  Very little hitting, one player forechecking, and not very aggressively I might add.

I think the only people getting frustrated are the fans.  We aren’t satisfied.  The people who sit in my section say it as well.  So it’s not just me.  Question is, are the Panthers satisfied or are they content?

If we’re waiting for Booth and Stillman to come back, that’s not enough.  There’s a mental issue here.

Coming Thursday the Uncle Jack, JMart, New Year’s Eve Celebration with the Montreal Canadiens.  Who will out shoot who?  Both teams represent the bottom of the NHL in shots against!

Thanks for reading.


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